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We offer you a large selection of different steel and other industrial products produced by Byelorussian Steel Works
Various Steel Products


Hot-rolled steel square bars
Producer: Byelorussian Steel Works

Hot-rolled steel square bars are used in machine building, in motor industry and for manufacturing of seamless

Standard Material Grade Dimensions, mm
DIN EN 10025 S335J2G 100x100
S355J2G3 125x125
Hot rolled/Concast Billet
Producer: Byelorussian Steel Works
We offer different types of Hot rolled and concast Steel Billets
Sizes:100x100x4000-6000; 125x125x8000-12000; 140x140x8000-12000;

Steel Grades: St1sp-St6sp, 20G2, 30G2,30G, 35G, 25G2S, 35GS;
Standards: TU 14-1-4268-87, rev.4,5,6, GOST 380-2005, GOST 4543-71, rev.1-5, GOST 5781-82, rev.1-5.;
Rolled bars for concrete reinforcement/Construction Steel
Producer: Byelorussian Steel Works
The construction steel produced by the Byelorussian Steel Works is supplied to most EU countries
and to the United States.
We are a certified supplier of construction steel Bst 550 to the Austrian market. The diameter of the hot rolled
ribbed construction steel varies from 10 to 40 mm. The elongation at break is >-5%
Sizes: Ø 10-32 mm
Lengths: 6-18 Meters

Steel Grades: BSt500S, BSt550, B500NC, FeB500HWL
Standards: DIN 488-1-84, DIN 488-2-86, DIN 1045-1:2008; ÖNORM B 4200-7-87
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